In 1956, Tsung-Dao Lee together with Chen-Ning Yang made a profound discovery that in nuclear weak interactions, the long-held belief that parity must be conserved is untrue. In recognition of their scientific contributions, they received the 1957 physics Nobel Prize. In order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of this discovery we are honored to host this special international symposium on parity nonconservation and neutrino physics on Nov. 28-29.

Francis Halzen

Professor of University Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Topic : Particle physics

Hamish Robertson

Professor of Washington University, USA

Topic : Particle physics

John Ellis

Professor of King's College London, UK

Topic : Theoretical physics & Cosmology

Barry Holstein

Professor of Massachusetts at Amherst University, USA

Topic : High energy theory and cosmology

Sylvester Gates

Professor of Maryland University, USA

Topic : The Prescience of the Parity-Violation Concept as an Avatar for Physics beyond the Higgs Boson

Karsten M. Heeger

Professor of Yale University, USA

Topic : Neutrino physics and dark matter

Wick Haxton

Professor of UC Berkeley, USA

Topic : Neutrino physics & astrophysics

Norman Christ

Professor of Columbia University, USA

Topic : Theoretical physics

Yifang Wang

Professor of the institute of High energy physics, China

Topic : High energy physics

Bradley W. Filippone

Professor of Caltech, USA

Topic : Experimental nuclear physics & low energy particle physics

Hitoshi Murayama

IPMU, Japan

Topic : Theory

Ke Han

Prof. of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Topic : Dark Matter & Neutrino Physics

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